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As a programmer or developer, you need to be aware of the latest trends in the world of programming. Because of economic challenges, some newbies in programming cannot own a laptop or computer hence seeking for an alternative to code on their smartphone. Others who own a laptop or computer understand that carrying it everywhere isn’t always possible and can frustrate. This and many more are reasons mobile code editors are useful and getting the best is necessary.


Although we cannot compare mobile code editors to the IDEs on a laptop or a computer, they can still suffice. Any text editor can write code. There are several editors available online, both free and sold ones. There are several code editors to choose from and each one comes with their own features, which makes it challenging to decide on the right one to go for. In this article, we’ll focus on the top free code editors available for mobile, although some may offer in-app purchase and can be upgraded to a pro version. Let us now look at the top 10 picks of free code editors for your smartphone.



      This is a minimal but yet elegant code editor for smartphones. It is like other lightweight code editors. It allows you to edit text and code different languages and is ad-free. Also, source code is made available publicly and for free. The app comes with indentation widget and automatic indentation, an inbuilt file explorer, creating and opening files directly from the app, automatic saving, customizable indents and font size. Other features include; importation of custom colour scheme definitions, easy addition of custom language support and importation of custom language definition. This code editor can only load one file and does not have syntax highlighting for python. Although it is not stable and may contain bugs, it has the potential for improvement.


enlightened code editor



        This is a text, code and markup editor that is light, fast and mobile-friendly. You can connect to your FTP, SFTP servers, Dropbox or GitHub. Revisions allow you to see differences between every one of your saves. It has an inbuilt terminal console which allows you to run commands. It also offers you the choice of choosing from many pre-defined development stacks. You can set up your own customized development environment in over 72+ programming languages. The environment lets you find and build greater and quicker programs. It comes with code completion, linting, code beautifier, live numbering and warnings, debugger, customized keyboard for developers, auto indention, customizable font sizes e.t.c. Codeanywhere cleans up users’ containers if not used for three weeks or more and will not restore the container. It provides the basic functions for free users, but you have to upgrade in order to access the advanced services. This app works well on both the iOS devices and Android devices.


CodeAnyWhere Mobile Editor


#8 Textastic


         This is the most complete code editor, and it’s only available to iPad and iPhone users. It is quick, fast and responsive. It comes with syntax highlighting for over 80 programming and markup languages. You can preview markup with the app’s inbuilt web server or safari. File transfers can be done with FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Google Drive e.t.c. It also has a full-featured SSH terminal and SSH files open simultaneously. You can adjust line-height in your code editor, choose separate themes and keyboard appearance for dark mode. It also has keyboard shortcuts to add a line and block comments, auto-closing of brackets and quotes. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, this is definitely your best shot.


Textastic Code Editor


#7 Dcoder

        Dcoder is a free mobile coding IDE (compiler for mobile) where you can code and learn algorithms. Dcoder’s editor comes with themes, parenthesis completing auto-indent and syntax highlighting, redo and undo features. It is made up of 35+ programming languages; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C e.t.c. Dcoder comes pre-installed with 4 UI and syntax, highlighting themes both in dark and light theme colours. You can take part in simple algorithm based problems learning new algorithms and contains a leaderboard to know where you stand amongst the vast Dcoder community, custom menu drawer and editable font size, line number, file open and save, autocomplete parenthesis, special and accurate international tech news and updates and custom suggestion view. It also allows you to debug code and see compilation results and errors at the same time on the same screen. Whether you are an expert or beginner, you can trust Dcoder to help improve your coding skills. Please note that Dcoder uses an array of cloud-based compilers to function and this compiles the code and displays the output hence this editor does not work very well offline.


Dcoder Editor



#6 Quoda Code Editor

          This is a sophisticated source code editor with in-built support for SFTP/FTP and cloud storage. It is easy to use and comes with syntax highlighting with themes, cross-session editing, extended keyboard, SFTP/FTP(s) integrations, code-completion, find and replace with regex and case sensitivity, key bindings and many more.

It supports code templates and snippets.

It supports several programming languages like C, C++, C#, CSS, PHP, Visual Basic e.t.c. Other features include; Dropbox and Google drive integration, live HTML and Markdown preview. It also allows you to download URL source code, auto-encoding detection, auto-indentation, colour picker, HTML formatter, line bookmarking and brace matching. This app is easy to use despite its many features. Most features of this editor require you to upgrade to the premium version before you can access or use them.


Quoda Code Editor


#5 Quick Edit

           Quick Edit is a fast and full-featured text editor,  optimized for both phones and tablets. It comes with an enhanced notepad application with several improvements, syntax highlighting for 40+ languages e.g. C++, XML, Swift, Perl, Ruby, Markdown and others. It supports undo and redo changes without limit, smooth scrolling, various fonts and sizes, preview HTML, CSS and markdown files, ability to edit system files in rioted devices, Effective and intuitive search and replace, open file from multiple documents, show and hide line numbers, ad-free version, auto-indent for new lines, detect charset and encoding and enables you to select and edit fast e.t.c. It includes a lot of performance optimization and user experience tweaks.


Quick Edit Code Editor


#4  anWriter Free

           This is a text editor for the web. It supports syntax highlighting and auto-completion for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL. It does not require an internet connection to work, unlike some editors. It also has an included JS error console. Some of its features include; Webpage review in the app, downloading files from the FTP server, search and replace using regular expression, unlimited undo, hardware keyboard support. It is small and less than 2mb. It supports copy and paste, line numbering can open several files font size settings e.t.c. The pro version comes with unlimited redo, settings for syntax highlighting colours, no ads, auto-completion for PHP functions and variables, auto-completion in find and replaces fields and auto-completion for SQL.


anWriter Code Editor


#3 Our CodeEditor Free

          This is an integrated development environment IDE, text editor and code editor. It is free. This code editor comes with several features to enhance your performance while at work. You can download and edit files from several sources like SFTP, Dropbox, Mediafire e.t.c and many highlight themes. It is ad-free and no internet connection or registration is needed unless using Dropbox and Mediafire. You can manage your code locally on your device.


Our CodeEditor Free


#2 Turbo-Editor

            It is a simple, powerful and open-source text editor which opens instantly and allows you to edit existing files and has an innovative page system to read extensive files up to 20mb. It Opens, searches and makes files inside the app, full-featured editor, easy-to-use settings, syntax highlight for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, Python and many other programming languages. It is moveable on an SD card and view in a web browser.

It is like an Android version of Notepad++. The downside is that the app might have a bug that can prevent you from previewing your code.




#1 DroidEdit Free


             DroidEdit is a text and source code editor for phones. It is easy to use due to its simple interface. It includes syntax highlighting for several languages. It can open files stored in your device memory or directly from Dropbox. You can search words, replace commands, or force syntax. It has lots of keyboard shortcuts when using a physical keyboard. It supports auto or block indentation. This super cool editor has the features of the code editors mentioned above. It has a writer mode which switches off the auto-correct while switching on spellcheck.  Although it cannot minimize all menus to go in full screen. It supports ads, which can be an issue for some people.


Well, it all depends on your requirement or what you are looking for in a code editor that will determine which editor is the best for you. You might also have to make further research to help you find the right editor.

       Happy Coding!!!





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