READ THIS NOW TO KNOW: The Top 3 Online Business For Stay At Home Moms In 2021


Being a stay-at-home mom is a good decision to make when you’re about to raise a family.

One of the best ways to raise a good child is to be available to them during their infant to teenage ages,

But there is an important thing to consider – which is trying to balance your daily monetary needs 

Most especially if your spouse is on average income payroll,

You’ll need money to carter for yourself or your family’s needs. 

This is where the necessity to have business comes in but with the recent happenings in our world today,

There should be a rapid shift in the way stay-at-home moms think about making some extra income.  

And this rapid shift is focused on the online space, as studies have shown that online business has a lower barrier entry than offline based business.

To help you choose better what would suit you, here are the top 3 online business ideas you can start now as a stay at home mom in 2021


1.  E-commerce Business: Yes, you’ve heard about e-commerce that is buying and selling of products online, it is an effective means of business for stay-at-home moms considering that people can buy anything at any time without physically engaging one another.

All you require is to either build your own eCommerce store or “rent” a standard store with high customer traffic for an affordable price on places like Shopify, Etsy, Jumia, etc

In case you’ll be so busy at home, you can decide to sell digital products as this wouldn’t require delivery or worries of having a warehouse, etc,

There are many in-demand digital products you can sell online wherein you’ll make a lot of money for yourself. You can do product market research about this at cloudways or Invoice.

Meanwhile, for a better understanding of how to succeed in the e-commerce business,

You need to learn from experts so you won’t make mistakes – because rushing into an E-commerce business without proper knowledge will most definitely lead to loss of money,

But with a Proven expert by your side showing you to Do this and Leave that, You’ll be assured of a successful business venture.

The Second online business idea fit for stay at mom is …

2. Consulting Business: To be a consultant is very lucrative if you pick the right niche, And three of the most lucrative ones are Relationship – Intimacy coach, Health-related, and business coaching.

People are always in need of someone to consults on different problems they face, and the reality of things is that “problems never ends”.

If you are very good based on your profession or experience to advise people – and give them a sense of direction out of their current problems,

They will surely pay you high for the service/consultations. You may also use a guide here to give you the necessary edges needed in the freelance consulting business.

And the last one is …

3.  Writing Business: The Online space is made up of three components –

Write-Ups, Images, and Videos

And Writing takes a larger percentage of content you find online.

Good writers are always in demand in the online space, what you need to succeed is a basic good use of English and enthusiasm.

The writing business is vast and you can make a life-changing fortune from it,

As so many stay-at-moms like you are already making an income through writing simple contents or sales letters that make them live their lives comfortably.

There are a lot of different categories of writers online like Ghostwriters, Copywriters, Academic research writers, Content writers, etc , A recommended place to start your writing business is at Andy Mukolo’s Nairaroad




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