Tragedy As Rapper Mo3 Dies From Gun Shot By Unknown Gunman

Just hours after the self-acclaimed rapper Mo3 (real name: Melvin Noble) shared a video of him performing on stage, with fans cheering, the rapper suffered a gunshot and died.

The 28-year-old rapper was shot dead on Wednesday noon in Dallas.

Although he was taken to the hospital, he did not survive the gunshot.

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One source says that the rapper and the gunman were both on 1-35 Dallas lane when the gunman stepped out of his car and headed towards Mo3’s car. The source continued that Mo3 got out of his car and was running, while the gunman was chasing after him, firing several shots at Mo3’s head.

A second source said that Mo3 was driving, then an unknown car pulled up and shot several times at his vehicle. The rapper’s car then crashed into a concrete wall.

As at now, investigations are ongoing as the identity of the gunman is still unknown.


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