Twitter locks Trump’s account over US Capitol Violence

Twitter has locked the account of the Present of the United States of America, Donald Trump over his comments on the protest and violence that took place at the US Congress on Wednesday.

It has been noted that Trump has refused to concede losing the election to US President-elect, Joe Biden. On Wednesday, during the process of certifying the November 3rd presidential election, The protesters invaded the Capitol Hill building after being addressed by Donald Trump.

Although Trump asked them not to be violent, he approved their actions by saying β€œtoday will never be forgotten”.

He took to Twitter to make some statements that were inaccurate which in turn compelled the protesters.

In response to his action, Twitter deleted a video posted where he called for the rioters while also applauding them and repeating the Voter Fraud claims. Twitter deleted three other tweets and locked the president’s account for 12 hours.

Twitter also warns that further violation of the Twitter rules including Civic Integrity or violent threat policies will lead to permanent suspension of Trump’s account.

This has caused an uproar on Twitter.


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