Valentine’s Day: Worth it or overrated?

It’s that time of the year again!

Red roses



Gift boxes

Red velvet cakes

…. And basically anything with the red color has a strong significance in the month of February. But let’s pause for a moment, is valentine’s day really worth it or is it overrated?


Some of you are like, “is that really a question?” Just before you raise your eyebrows, I did some asking around and 22 people shared their opinion on what they think about the celebrated day of love.



It’s worth it. It’s a day to celebrate true love and its essence. I don’t see it as being extra or too much



People are just stressing themselves unnecessarily about the whole thing. Some ladies want to get their man something that will blow their minds away, just to debunk the general idea that ladies don’t give significant gifts while some guys are also going out of their way to make that day ‘special’ …. Some are even renting car. Wahala for who no get val like this.



If we are to go by how it all started, it was a priest named St. valentine that believed in the importance of love, his believe was so strong that even though there was a restriction on conducting marriage ceremonies, this priest took it upon himself to join people in holy matrimony even in secret, a lot of stories built around it sha but the basis is that love exists, it’s meant to be an avenue to express care and affection. But this our generation has turned it to something else entirely, although everything still builds around love but we’ve made it all about sex which shouldn’t be, it’s not even just supposed to be something between a couple, it could be those around you that just need to be cared for, your friends, family and of course yourself. Valentine’s day normal normal no dey overrated but our generation has twisted the whole thing.



I don’t remember ever celebrating valentine and I don’t think I will. People love celebrations and in the process, they blow it out of proportion whether they understand the reason behind it or not, most especially Nigerians. Val is a celebration of love, drawn from the life of saint valentine. It is beautiful to celebrate love but only when you understand and fully grasp it. It’s on that day we’ll go out on a date, we eat come back and have sex. However, the world is multicultural, to have something that the whole world share in common with each other is amazing. Beauty to me is perceptual experience of pleasure and satisfaction and can be subject to experience.



Haba! Who does not love love? Those that want to celebrate should do so and those that hold reservations about it have their reasons too. I didn’t celebrate it last year and I won’t do so this year either. I normally spend the weekend with my man so this won’t be an exception, it will be like every other weekend.



Valentine is worth it. It’s a celebration of love, and yes, love can be shown in the whole 365 days, but that day is a special day to show love. Just as much as birthday is a celebration of life, we also have 365 days to celebrate our life too.



Well it is actually not overrated because it is a day to celebrate love, not for lovers only but your loved ones too, even though love should be shown every day, having a day strictly for it shows how peculiar it is and also a reminder of how beautiful LOVE is.



Valentine is given much importance than it should get by most people. Especially in Nigeria, we can be so extra about it.



Valentine is cool and all o but it gets some people bothered and I feel that just dissolves the idea that it’s supposed to be a celebration. Just imagine you have a circle of friends and you’re the only one not in a relationship, it can be emotionally draining, what’s now the essence of this celebration if everyone cannot do it evenly?



I’m not a man of preacher of love.

But really though…. I don’t think valentine’s day is overrated. I believe if people had a better perspective towards it. It would be one of the best celebrations every year. I love love. Lol. But I hate what people do in the name of love. The celebration has been perverted, on a large scale. If on a large scale, people do good things every day and use valentine’s day as a special day to celebrate the spread of love that they do every day, then it will be a good one always.



I use to think of valentine’s day as a very annoying celebration when I was in school then. Na that time person go propose to him babe, why did he have to do it on that day? Just why? I remember in 300 level, we were seven in a room, none of us got a rose, as in just one rose o. We sha went to a karaoke bar and celebrated ourselves. That experience made me realize that it’s not all about being in a relationship and wanting to impress anyone but it’s really about how you see it, being true to yourself and the significant other is all that matters and I am my partner are on the same page when it comes to that…. Many people like do pass themselves jare



Valentine’s day is overrated. First off, why allow the world determine what day you make your significant other overly special. Isn’t it supposed to be as much as possible? Why take a single day to make someone special? Why wait a whole year to overdo it one day with lots of things or events? Secondly, the main purpose of the day has been turned upside down. I guess the way I perceive things is the issue sha. Looking at past valentine’s day in a different region makes me see it as a nice day. But here, we’ve turned it to something else. Because of that, people made it overrated. Another thing is the way we perceive love and relationships, that’s why people also make me hate that day.



Overrated? Nah! It’s the singles that mostly say that and I can totally understand because they don’t have who to spend that day with



It’s like every other day jare. I don’t have to wait till valentine’s day before I show love to my wife. But looks like we’ll just have some quality time without the kids since it’s on a Sunday, but she knows, if val falls on a weekday, it’s gonna be a normal day because we have work to do.



Well, I really think it’s worth it. Looking at how val’s day has been over the years, people barely gave it so much excitement till couple years back. I feel due to the changes and happenings in the world, everyone looks forward to the slightest opportunity to celebrate or get excited about something including love



Its way overrated. Most people who celebrate this day are ignorant of the purpose and its origin. And as they say, when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Anyone who has never fallen in love has nothing to celebrate, they are the ones who even hype the day more without a single reflection of love. Immorality becomes the standard on that day.

You don’t give what you don’t have…. there are many who fake love and affection out there just for personal aggrandizement 😏. In a nutshell sha, valentine’s day in Nigeria is a business day…. I call it emotional trade, I mean, ladies use this day to command items from the men while the men also see it as an ample opportunity to command circle to open (if you know, you know). At the end of the day, they both get what they want and the essence of the day is neglected.



It can never be overrated for me o because it’s my birthday. Even if I was single (which I’m not) I’ll still give myself a threat.



My dear! It’s just a cool day to be all loved up. Even though many vendors are just using us to cash out, we will still buy gifts for that special someone and celebrate them.



It’s unnecessary pressure! Social media isn’t even helping matters. My babe even brought it up two days ago and I wasn’t really buying the idea because I’ve not celebrated it before. She said she wants to get me something and I said there’s no need for that, na so this thing cause problem o. And I know she’s got a ton of things to do with money so I don’t want her feeling compelled to buy me something.



Overrated is an understatement. Out of all the days in the year, you choose just only one to show love to your loved ones, it’s out rightly improper. Love should be a continuous course not selective to a particular day. It’s also an avenue for deceit and betrayal. Some guys will be like “she don love up, I go just chop her for val” and some babes will say “he thinks he is wise, I’ll chop his money and break up with him”



Valentine’s day! Lol. This is my 12th year in marriage. We don do am tire o. I celebrate my husband when I want to and he does the same for me. It’s just saddening that many young people will make wrong decisions on that day all in the name of love.



I feel it’s worth it. I kuku like red color. Red wine, some blues for the evening and the rest they say is history.



Well, I mostly celebrate it, depending on my partner. My wedding is in August which means this valentine is going to be our last as singles and it’s a weekend so we’ll be celebrating it. I don’t think its overrated sha. It just depends on the mindset of individuals who are celebrating it. If we are talking about those that truly understand the essence, it a great day but those that want to ‘shift womb’ up and down are the ones that spoil the whole idea of val.


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