Woman Fakes Cancer To Fund Her Gambling Addiction And Holidays

Nicole Elkabbass, 42, a mother of one, has been taken to court and accused of lying about having cancer just to raise money to fund her gambling addiction and fund holidays.

Canterbury Crown Court said the lady claimed her friend Dr Nick Morris told her she had Ovarian Cancer after running a series of tests at his London office in 2017.

She created a GoFundMe Page with her mum to raise money for cancer drugs not available in the UK.

The GoFundMe page carried a picture of her lying in a hospital bed, which investigations revealed it was actually a photo of when she had her gallbladder removed.

Dr Morris claims he never treated her and instead she had told him she had cancer.

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Elkabbass GoFundMe page raised 45,000 euros and investigations show she used part of the money to gamble, and spending nearly 4,000 euros on tickets to Tottenham Hotspur, 320 euros in TK Maxx and buying flights and hotels for trips to Barcelona and Rome.

Her defendant claims the Premier League tickets Elkabbass bought were for a friend who borrowed her the money previously.



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