World Health Organization (WHO) warns countries fighting over vaccine – COVID 19

The second wave of covid 19 pandemic across the globe with it’s variant is really causing panic within the global community and as such placing urgency in the need for vaccines which has also caused unhealthy struggle between developed and developing countries. Due to this, the World health organization implore countries wrangling over the covid 19 vaccine supplies to be more rational and also think of the health situations of health workers in developing countries.

In the words of WHO’s top emergency expert Mike Ryan, he stated that β€œWe all need to step into the place of them. Where they are today fighting on the front line…” In addition,
β€œFighting over the cake, when they don’t even have access to the crumbs. I think we need to stand back and think about our brave colleagues and where they stand today and what we are going to do about that.”. thus WHO pleads for equitable distribution of vaccines globally without any form of quarrel whatsoever.


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