Your Mental Health is Important

In a year that has brought up so many obstacles and challenges to almost everybody around the world, it certainly would not be a surprise if anybody’s mental health gets affected.

Sure, we are in a pandemic that causes immense harm to the physical health of anyone who catches the virus, but how about the mental aspect?

For the unlucky individual who contacts the virus, certain factors like being cooped up in a hospital, seeing other patients like them dying every day, not seeing progress on their path to recovery, feeling like a failure, loneliness from isolation and many others can cause great harm to the mental health.

But, even people who are corona virus free are in a precarious position as well. From the events of the END SARS protest ( for Nigerians)  to fear of catching the virus, to job losses and income losses due to the deteriorating state of economies, to loneliness due to the quarantining and many others, we see that these factors can take a great toll on our mental health.

Take care of yourself. Go for walks. Do things that make you happy. Eat well. Wear nose masks when out. Practise social distancing. Read books. Try out that thing you’re afraid of. Most importantly, pray (if you believe in prayers).

Your mental health is important! The body is crucial, yes. But the mind? It controls the bodily activities in various ways that we can’t deny. It is important. Do not play with it.

Take care of yourself. You owe that to yourself after all, because if you’ve come this far this year, you’re a champion.

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